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    June 24th, 2014

    Carpets that are located in areas of the home where water damage and other wet conditions are common are hot-spots for black mold growth. This type of mold is considered [...]

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    June 13th, 2014

    From baby’s first experience with rice cereal and strained carrots to the laughs and pumpkin pie enjoyed during Thanksgiving dinner, your kitchen has provided the backdrop for many amazing experiences. [...]

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    June 12th, 2014

    If you share your space with animals you know the battle to keep bugs at bay; from parasites such as fleas and ticks, crawling insects like roaches, and ants that [...]

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    June 12th, 2014

    Owning a gym can be a very lucrative business, but you need to keep the members of your gym happy. One important feature that you need to take care of [...]

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    June 11th, 2014

    Has it been years since you have purchased your washer and dryer? If so, consider having a technician perform maintenance and repairs, as this will boost the performance. How a Technician [...]

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    June 9th, 2014

    There’s a lot for new homeowners to learn about their new residence when they first move in. In addition to decorating schemes and landscaping, it’s important to learn the basics [...]

  • Recycled Water: An E...

    June 4th, 2014

    What is Recycled Water? Recycled water is water that has been chemically treated and purified to be reused. Because it was formerly sewage waste, recycled water is “non-potable” or not drinkable. [...]

Creating the Perfect Patio

Compelling, Unusual Patios

If you're like me, you don't want your patio to look or function exactly like your neighbor's. If no two homes are exactly alike, then patios shouldn't be the same either. If you're willing to spend a little money and apply a little elbow grease, you can really make a difference in your outdoor “room.”

Making an Oasis: Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Maybe you don't want to invest a lot of money on your patio right now but are dying to freshen it a little. You're in luck! Here are just a few tricks you can use to really change the look and feel of your patio without breaking the bank.

Steps to Painless Pavers

Traditional patios extend a series of concrete or porcelain pavers within a limited space (sometimes wall-to-wall, or to a garden bed). Pavers do take some work and planning to deal with, but you don't have to be afraid of them. Your home improvement store can give tutorials and advice before you buy your materials, and you can get more paver reminders here.